Integrative and Functional Nutrition: Therapeutics   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Summer Addendum

IFN 5677 - Integrative and Functional Nutrition: Therapeutics

This course examines chronic disease pathophysiology, as it relates to integrative and functional nutrition therapy. The course prepares students to apply the nutritional care process towards restoring function and managing core clinical imbalances and symptoms. Students learn to evaluate and compose nutrition care plans using case-simulation examples. Prerequisite(s): IFN 5611 IFN 5670 ,  IFN 5673 IFN 5676 IFN 5678 , IFN 5688  , IFN 5689  , and IFN 5694   3.0 credit(s)
Offered: FA-Term B, SP-Term B Course Length: 8 weeks No RC required