Culture and Change   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ORG 7125 - Culture and Change

Required for Humane Education Specialization

This course explores the many ways in which cultural norms influence ideas, beliefs, and actions and explores how change-making happens. Covering social psychology, consumerism, media, advertising, globalization, public relations, economics, and politics, this course provides a foundational overview for understanding the ways in which people are shaped by their culture. This course enables students to become aware of the influences in their own lives and to become effective at giving others the tools they need to think critically and creatively as well. By recognizing the ways in which our thoughts and behaviors are often molded by culture, students gain the ability to determine more consciously their behaviors and actions and create positive change. Course offered through Valparaiso/Institute for Human Education and available only to students in HE specialization. 3 credit(s)