Research Practicum   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

RES 1100A - Research Practicum

The Research Practicum is considered part of the doctoral Candidacy phase along with completion of the three essays. Doctoral students may enroll in RES 1100A when they have successfully completed the advanced-level research course. Students may simultaneously enroll in one or more essays at that time if they have completed all other requisite degree program requirements. Students enrolled in RES 1100A gain further experience with the research process by conducting a pilot study. Upon completing the second-level research course, the Research Practicum commences with a written research proposal between student and instructor that defines course content in terms of the research competencies and learning activities needed. This proposal is based upon the student's proficiency with the core areas of research competency. The course is designed to accommodate more advanced study of the range of approaches and methods included in the second-level research course. The student proposes, conducts, and reports the findings of this pilot research study utilizing specific data gathering and/or data processing research procedures of a particular methodology and research tradition. The course also is designed to familiarize students with opportunities and pitfalls in a prescribed area of doing research that enables them to continue developing research skills toward proficiency demonstrative of readiness for dissertation research. This course content must be explicit in its research focus; that is, a simple review of the literature is not acceptable. However, focus on a variety of specific areas of focus and research skill building are possible. RES 1100A entails writing a research proposal, completion of the IRB review process, execution of the pilot study, and expressing those findings within a final research report. This report is considered as an element of the Candidacy orals, and will be reviewed by all essay committee members at that time. (Ph.D. program only) Prerequisite(s): Completion of one advanced-level research course. Students embarking on a research project not involving the collection of data from human participants are expected to complete this Research Practicum within one semester; however, an IP or I may be given at the end of that term. Students who intend to complete a research pilot study involving the collection of primary data may consider RES 1100A as Part 1 of a two-part research practicum. If so, credit is granted for RES 1100A upon completion of the research proposal and clearance by the Saybrook IRB. 3 credit(s)