Traumatic Experiences in Relationships   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PSY 3179 - Traumatic Experiences in Relationships

In this course, students will expand their conceptualization of trauma to include the multidimensional consequences of relational trauma for individuals' wellbeing and implications for treatment. Assaultive relational traumas occur in various contexts such as: the family, workplace, school settings, neighborhoods, military, or college campuses.  Each of these settings contain a unique set of characteristics in which relational trauma is experienced by an individual. These unique characteristics, along with the associated clinical presentations, treatment, and legal considerations will also be explored. The course will also focus on the most common forms of traumas that occur in relationships: interpersonal violence such as domestic violence, incest, sexual and physical abuse, as well as psychological abuse and neglect. It will critically review how relational trauma across the lifespan can impact a person's sense of self, relationship with her or his body, and with other people. Building upon humanistic principles, key concepts like posttraumatic growth, resiliency, and healing narratives will be considered. This course is an elective for the Complex Trauma & the Healing Process Certificate. 3 credit(s)