EEG Biofeedback: Assessment and Intervention - Lab   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PH 527B - EEG Biofeedback: Assessment and Intervention - Lab

This lab includes an 8-hour in-person demonstration and practicum at either the Saybrook RC or the AAPB annual meeting. The hands-on practicum is finding 10 20 sites based upon the 10 and 20% model and hooking up a client to perform 1 and 2 -channel EEG recordings for neurofeedback training purposes. It will guide you through observing and remediating biological artifact (such as eye blinks, saccades, glossokinetic activity, cardioballistic interference) during the recording as well as observing transients that may require further medical interpretation. The students will practice determining and setting up protocols as well as operantly shaping the learning through threshold and sustained-reward paradigms. Finally, reviewing the session results will be demonstrated. 0 credit(s)