Psychophysiological Entrainment and Stimulation - Lecture   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PH 522A - Psychophysiological Entrainment and Stimulation - Lecture

This course provides sufficient information on psychophysiological entrainment and stimulation for students to understand how various forms of physical stimulation are used to alter the brain and body's functioning. Topics include (1) magnetic stimulation of the periphery to induce changes in peripheral blood flow, (2) magnetic stimulation of the brain to induce out of body experiences and control headaches, (3) physiological entrainment of breathing for control of hypertension, (4) Basics of arousal and dysarousal, (5) review of QEEG and HRV in relation to entrainment, (6) Physiology of AVE, (7) Standard Studies on AVE, (8) Cognitive Studies on AVE, (9) CES, (10) tDCS, (11) HRV - breath-work exercise, (12) Programming with the DAVID Session Editor, (13) use of "alphastim"-like devices to alter states of consciousness, and (14) neuromodulation including rTMS, etc. 2 credit(s)