Anatomy and Physiology Lab.   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PH 507B - Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

It is crucial to have a laboratory in addition to the lecture course as the lecture course simply cannot provide students with the hands on experience required of psychophysiologists to understand (a) the complex but incredibly tiny and fragile connections between the parts of the mammalian brain, (b) the structures of major parts of the brain which limit their functions, and (c) the requirement for very exact placement of muscle sensors to avoid picking up spurious signals. It requires actual hands-on experience with physical relationships between muscle locations to realize where signals recorded from a muscle of primary interest originate. As important, it is crucial to understand why some muscles are located in such a way that they cannot be recorded from the surface. The in-person portion of the laboratory is about 4 hours of dissection of a sheep brain and guinea pig muscles. The 11 hour web based portion consists of watching videos of dissections to prepare for the hands on work, performing virtual dissections, and watching dissections of human cadavers. 1 credit(s)