Approaches to Socially Engaged Spirituality   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

CSIH 6560 - Approaches to Socially Engaged Spirituality

In the modern Western world, spirituality is often understood as private, subjective, and individual, as one's primarily inward communion with what is seen as sacred, a communion that is not necessarily explicitly in relation to, or even connected with, one's more outward and public life. In many traditional religious forms, the highest development of spirituality required leaving and having little to do with the everyday social world, whether as a monk or nun, hermit, wanderer, or a member of an intentional community. Socially engaged spirituality in its traditional and contemporary forms represents a different approach, in which spiritual qualities are developed in the context of involvement in family, work, community, society, and/or politics. This course explores the ideas of socially engaged spirituality through the lenses of many world religions, spiritual traditions, and psychological perspectives. Although offering an overview from many perspectives, students can focus on particular perspectives most relevant to their interests and/or work within the framework of the course. 3 credit(s)