Stress Management Education   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

CSIH 3210 - Stress Management Education

"Stress management" appears to be a term that the general population as well as the scientific community has come to accept. A problem remains, however, in that the term is defined in a multitude of differing ways depending on the perspective of the presenter. Cultural, religious, spiritual, psychophysiological, and biological explanations all have valid views that focus on different aspects of stress. In addition to looking at these and many other aspects of stress management, this course also focuses on the teaching of stress management skills to those most in need of interventions for stress-related disorders. This course is intended to include interactive discussion and sharing via online discussion forums and to become a group project in the creation of stress management literature, video clips, brochures, and PowerPoint slides directed towards the teaching of stress management skills to various populations. 3 credit(s)