Neuropsychology of Dreams and Dreaming   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

CSIH 3150 - Neuropsychology of Dreams and Dreaming

Welcome to one of the most fascinating areas of investigation in consciousness studies; few if any other areas bring together in one place as many aspects of neuropsychology. In this course students will learn more than brain physiology and theories of how brain function is connected to nighttime dreaming; they will also obtain a bird's eye view of the mind and the brain working together, as beautifully exemplified in the exquisitely complex yet simple action of the sleeping brain. This course focuses on the neuropsychological aspects of dreaming. In doing so, it explores differences between activity in the waking and sleeping brain, examines the major views on how dreams are generated in the sleeping brain, and opens for discussion the implications of this knowledge for a richer understanding of the nature of waking and dreaming consciousness. 3 credit(s)