Organizational Creativity   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

CS 7067 - Organizational Creativity

This course gives students an understanding of both the theoretical and practical applications of organizational creativity. Organizational executives and consultants, psychologists, educators, and others who work in organizations will learn research-based information about constructing an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Topics covered will include comprehension of creativity from a systems perspective, group creativity, creative leadership, and factors that can encourage or discourage organizational creativity. This course meets Saybrook's mission and goals in that it provides students with a knowledge base that informs their work as leaders of organizational change and professionals who work within a global context. This course is structured into four modules, each building on the last to enlarge students' understanding of organizational creativity. The first module will ground students' understanding of creativity research historically so that they can understand the basics regarding individual and organizational creativity including the climates and cultures that influence creativity at work. The second module looks at key factors in group creativity with an emphasis on aspects of idea generation and context. The third module examines a variety of important aspects related to the social psychology of creativity including networking, leadership, entrepreneurship, and diversity. The final module is designed to integrate what students have learned into application. 3 credit(s)