Innovations in Humanistic Leadership   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

HM 6027 - Innovations in Humanistic Leadership

This course presents a model for developing Transformational leadership skills, which enables employees and community members to take leadership roles in larger, complex organizations during times of accelerated change. The course contrasts leadership and management, and provides prescriptive advice for developing leadership skills and basic management skills. Students will learn how leaders align the behaviors and actions of staff with the mission, vision, values and strategy of their organization with a focus on executing to achieve results. Through the theoretical framework of adaptive leadership, students will analyze how developing vision, mentoring, motivation, and communication skills all play a role in leading organizations through change, including the behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives that distinguish successful leaders from the less successful.

This course can be used to satisfy one of the choice requirements for the Mindfulness Applications Certificate.  Prerequisite(s): None 3 credit(s)