Capstone Project   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

MAL 6013 - Capstone Project

This course will integrate the learning from all previous courses into hands-on learning. capstone practicum experiences. Students will select an appropriate capstone project based in their community, with supervision and guidance from the course instructor. As a part of the project, students will integrate concepts from previous coursework, developing goals and strategies, using a systems-based approach, and the application of change leadership theory. Students will also expand their practice of expedition leadership through co-leading with others, and increased responsibility for group and course outcomes. Each student will select an aspect of group culture that s/he would like to change, develop a plan for creating and leading this change, implement that plan in concrete actions, and evaluate the change. Students will discuss as well as reflect on both their expeditionary leadership and their efforts to lead and facilitate cultural change within an existing group. They will also examine their capacity to lead others, create change, and support the leadership of others as demonstrated on expedition, the cohort and online learning community, and in personal and professional domains. 3 credit(s)