Advanced Hypnosis Practicum   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

APH 5594 - Advanced Hypnosis Practicum

This course provides an immersion in advanced hypnotic technique and practice. Course readings and educational videos provide guidance and sample interventions utilizing hypnotic induction and therapeutic suggestion. Students engage in weekly hypnosis practice with volunteers and/or professional clients. The instructor(s) provide six videoconferences with discussion of strategies for hypnotic interventions for a variety of clinical and life problems, and supervision of the students' practice. Students submit a video record of two hypnotic intervention sequences. Students complete a capstone essay, integrating their learning in the imagery and hypnosis course sequence, along with their learning in the advanced practicum course. Prerequisite(s): APH 5620 Basic Training and Education in Hypnosis  and APH 5625 Intermediate Training and Education in Hypnosis    3 credit(s)
Offered: Every term. (Offering depends upon enrollment numbers.) Course Length: 8 Weeks. No RC.