Data Analysis in Psychophysiological Research   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

APH 5122 - Data Analysis in Psychophysiological Research

This course covers the information students need to know how data are analyzed in typical psychophysiological studies. The course helps students understand what the typical tests are, when they should be used, and the underlying assumptions for each test. This is crucial because these are the techniques which should be seen when reading studies involving psychophysiology. If typical tests are not used in a study or the data do not meet the underlying assumptions of the tests, students will know not to trust the study's results.  Students learn how to actually perform each of the tests on a variety of types of data so they will have confidence in their abilities to use the tests in their research. 3 credit(s)
Offered: Fall - Term A/B, SP - Term A/B. Course Length: 15 weeks. No RC required.