Professional Development Planning Seminars   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

APH 5751 - Professional Development Planning Seminars

Students who have not yet established a clear career path need to plan how to integrate newly acquired psychophysiological skills into one's professional life is critical to insuring that the program is worth pursuing. Students participate in Professional Development Seminars given approximately monthly spread across the program's first year to aid in preparing a business plan which will be ready to be put into effect by the time the program has been completed. The plan is intended to be a guideline for application of psychophysiological skills in each student's unique setting, be it private practice, an institutional setting or any other system or combination. Prerequisite(s): APH 5101  and permission of the APH department chair. 3.0 credit(s)
Course Length: 12 weeks during Summer semester or 15 weeks during Fall and Spring semesters. No RC required.