Principles and Theories of Stress Management   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

APH 5201 - Principles and Theories of Stress Management

This course provides the basic information on the principles and theories underlying the application of stress management techniques in a variety of settings including the workplace, schools, and clinical practice. The course provides a historical perspective on development of these practices and a comparative approach to their use among the world's cultures. Methods for identification of stressors are emphasized. Practices reviewed include meditation, autogenic exercises, humor, progressive muscle relaxation training and many others. Evidence supporting the efficacy of these practices in preventing and correcting stress related problems is detailed. The indications, non-indications and contra-indications of relaxation therapies are discussed. The course then provides detailed instruction in how to perform these techniques including typical multi-session regimes, handout, etc. The laboratory gives students a chance to practice these techniques under supervision on each other. Prerequisite(s): APH 5051  or APH 5052  and APH 5101 . 3 credit(s)
Course Length: 15 weeks. RC required.