Global Leadership, Networking, and Cultural Intelligence   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

IS 600B - Global Leadership, Networking, and Cultural Intelligence

Organizations of all types operate as dynamic distributed networks in a global arena. As business professionals managers are challenged to strategically engage a highly talented and culturally diverse workforce. They are to unleash their creativity so they can grapple with complex situations, establish knowledge sharing networks utilizing technology, collaboratively devise innovative solutions, make decisive decisions, and take action to enable the organization reach its goals. As ethical professionals, global leaders and managers are called to be civic global citizens who aid organizations be active responsible global community members. Through interactive face-to-face and virtual learning activities with European professionals this course provides opportunities for students to network with US and European professionals and to develop skills in:  critically devising global business operations in light of their historical, economic, political, and social contexts; managing distributed teams using technology to create dynamic virtual workplaces where people meet and engage with each other; establishing collaborative workplace environments that draw upon the strengths of diverse cultural worldviews, their approaches to leadership, work relationships, problem-solving, and professional ethics, and their lifestyles and sense of recreation; and envision equitable economic and sustainable business models and practices. This course includes an in-country immersion experience. 3 credit(s)