Independent Study   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ALL 8100 - Independent Study

At Saybrook University, we welcome the opportunity for students to engage in an in-depth exploration of topics that might not be offered within an already-approved course format within one of the degree programs. Students come to Saybrook with myriad interests, and the exploration of new and emerging topics is an exciting and stimulating endeavor. This student-driven course affords the student an opportunity to engage any Saybrook faculty regarding the topic of interest and the course can be offered for 1 - 3 credits; this is to be determined by the student in consultation with the instructor. Independent Study must be approved by student's department chair before course can be registered. Master's degree students may take a maximum of 6 credits of Independent Study during the master's program. Doctoral students may take a maximum of 9 credits of Independent Study during the doctoral program. 1-3 credit(s)