Fundamentals of Psychophysiology Supplement   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

APH 5052 - Fundamentals of Psychophysiology Supplement

This Supplement course is intended to bridge the gap between course material in Biological Bases of Behavior (PSY 3025) and Fundamentals of Psychophysiology (APH 5051) for students enrolled in the PhD Clinical Psychology (CP) degree program. APH 5051 provides more depth to many of the topics covered in both courses and emphasizes psychophysiological principles and practices including the psychophysiological bases upon which most psychophysiological systems and senses change and are recorded. The Supplements course also emphasizes assessments and interventions for psychophysiological dysfunctions. Students learn to integrate these principles into their client interactions to improve clinical and coaching outcomes.

Each student in APH 5052 is required to review the pre-recorded lectures assigned in the APH 5051 course.  The instructor in APH 5052 will assess each student for any gaps in basic knowledge and may assign specific readings from the APH 5051 texts and text files, specific review questions, and additional assignments to remediate any gaps.

  0 credit(s)
Course Length: 8 weeks