Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality in Their Cultural Contexts   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PSY 4530 - Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality in Their Cultural Contexts

This course provides an overview of the ways that religion and spirituality interact with psychology with special attention to the cultural context. This includes an exploration of various models for how religion and spirituality can relate to science and, in particular, psychology. Various models for psychology of religion and spirituality are considered, as well as models for integrating religion and spirituality with psychology. Psychology historically has had a complex relationship with religion, spirituality, and culture. The primary purpose of this course is to explore various models for the interrelationships of psychology, religion, and spirituality with special consideration given to the cultural influences upon these relationships. Consideration will be given to these domains (psychology, religion, spirituality, and culture) separately as well as from an integrated perspective. The course begins with an overview of definitions and exploration of epistemological issues relevant to how science and psychology can relate to religion and spirituality. The next section of the course explores various models for the psychology of religion, followed by a section on models for integrating psychology with religion and/or spirituality. The concluding sections of the course devote attention to the cultural contexts for the relationships between psychology, religion, and spirituality as well as consideration to applications of the psychology of religion and the integration of psychology with religion and spirituality. Though open to all students, this course also satisfies the Clinical Interventions III/IV requirement in the Clinical Psychology degree program, with Clinical Interventions I & II as prerequisites.  Cross-listed as CSIH 4530. 3 credit(s)