Perspectives and Foundations of Traumatic Stress   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PSY 3171 - Perspectives and Foundations of Traumatic Stress

Students are given an introduction to the historical and foundational aspects of trauma and complex trauma, how they are conceptualized, and their impact on a person's psychological, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Specific impacts of traumatic stress at different points in the lifespan will be explored. Current psychological, alternative/complementary, and biomedical perspectives on trauma are integrated into this richly packed journey of knowledge. Multicultural factors will be incorporated throughout the different course topics. The central role of grief in trauma-due to the physical, psychological and/or social loss of a loved one or key aspects of one's identity or memories-will be highlighted. This course is required for the Complex Trauma & the Healing Process Certificate. 3 credit(s)