Clinical Intervention I   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

PSY 3045A - Clinical Intervention I

This course is the first required course in a sequence (Interventions I - IV) for clinical psychology students and it is launched at a Saybrook Residential Conference (attendance required).  In this course, students begin advanced study of integrative humanistic psychotherapeutic interventions from three existential-humanistic perspectives: emotion-focused therapy, person-centered therapy, and existential therapy. Motivational Interviewing is also briefly considered. Research on existential-humanistic approaches is surveyed. The focus of this course is on the development of clinical and therapy skills, including 1) understanding of the client as the active agent of change in the therapeutic process and the therapeutic relationship, 2) understanding the therapist's role in creating a safe therapeutic environment that includes empathy, genuineness, active listening, responsiveness, and positive regard for the client, and 3) skills necessary for working with a variety of client issues with sensitivity to the complexity of human diversity and the importance of multicultural competency in clinical practiceNote: This course is open to CP students only. Prerequisite(s): PSY 2025 ; PSY 2050 ; PSY 6020  and PSY 6060   3 credit(s)