From Evolutionary Consciousness to Conscious Evolution   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ORG 7042 - From Evolutionary Consciousness to Conscious Evolution

This course engages a systemic understanding of evolution with the possibility of engaging in conscious evolution at the socio-cultural level. Three levels of inquiry are introduces: First, at the individual level, the notion of Evolutionary Leadership in introduced to connect the learning needs to develop mental models, skills and sensitivities necessary to enable evolutionary inquiry. Second, at the community and organizational level, Evolutionary Learning Communities are explored as spaces where evolutionary leaders can come together to engage in dialogue, learning, design and action. Lastly, at the societal level, the notion of Evolutionary Development is explored as a framework for conceptualizing and linking diverse strategies to enable systemic transformation and conscious evolution. This course is a space to explore what lies beyond sustainability as well as to contextualize in a wide and expansive view of change the work that the learner is committed to do as an organizational systems scholar-practitioner. 3 credit(s)