Value-Driven Leadership, Stakeholder Networks, and Social Innovation   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ORG 7082 - Value-Driven Leadership, Stakeholder Networks, and Social Innovation

Building upon ORG 7083, this course critically examines leadership qualities, skills and practices rooted in stakeholder theory and dialogue, authentic leadership principles, and servant leadership approaches. Students are explore how to build partnerships across diverse organizations, cultures, and sectors, and to envision organizations as a web of stakeholders and as members of the communities in which they exit and operate. Such leadership requires inspiring shared values and vision, building trusting open relationships, dialoguing with critical stakeholders, and supporting the identification of and critically reflection upon commonly held assumptions about business principles, organizational goals, shared power, teams and collaborative workplaces, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder benefits, competitive advantage. Students are also challenged to devise practical ways to lead in this manner and to link organizational goals with social well-being. 3 credit(s)