The Human Energy Field and Energy Medicine   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

MBM 5645 - The Human Energy Field and Energy Medicine

This course explores health and healing from an energetic perspective that has roots in ancient healing practices.  Today energy medicine, which involves sensing the human energy field and applying low-level energetic therapies, is experiencing rapid growth, including a proliferation of novel energetic therapies.  An overview of the human energy field, the scientific foundations of energy medicine, and key energy medicine modalities, diagnostic and therapeutic, are the main themes of this course. The course will cover the main systems of energy medicine from indigenous medicine, including hands-on and distant healing; the energetics underlying Oriental medicine; homeopathy; healing with light; as well as philosophical concepts of life energy.  We will also examine some contemporary modalities and their foundations including pulsed electromagnetic field applications; phototherapy; as well as the measurement of subtle energies and the health effects of electromagnetic pollution. The course also includes an experiential component of incorporating energy medicine modalities into enhanced self-care. Prerequisite(s): No Prerequisite. 3 credit(s)
Offered: SU - Term A. Course Length: 8 Weeks. No RC.