Psychobiology of Eating   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring Addendum

IFN 5705 - Psychobiology of Eating

What to eat? When to eat? What not to eat?... The act of eating is a result of a complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social systems. For some, daily decisions about food and eating are easily made.  For others, they become an arduous and challenge-filled activity. This course bridges the gap between the human physiology of nutrition and the psychology that influences our food preferences, food/mood connections, and the pathways towards disordered eating patterns. Students will develop a foundational understanding of the behavior of eating and mechanisms that help people make choices that are essential to health and well-being.  It explores the continuum of eating behavior, from healthy eating practices to problematic and disordered habits, as well as identifies contributors of unhealthy eating practices and uncovers potential interventions to restore health and balance from an integrative perspective. Prerequisite(s): None. 3 credit(s)
Offered: SP-Term B Course Length: 8 weeks No RC required.