Practicum/Internship Pro-Seminar   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring Addendum

COUN 2401A - Practicum/Internship Pro-Seminar

This course introduces and follows the student/trainee through pre-degree Practicum training. The course addresses issues in practicum and internship training with emphasis in professional development. This course emphasizes acculturation of the student into the clinical profession of clinical mental health counseling. The course also prepares the student for the capstone Project/Thesis and/or Comprehensive Examination. Students enroll in this course in multiple semesters: A, B, C, D. The course is required each semester the student/trainee is enrolled in Practicum or Internship courses. 15 Contact Hours. 15 Contact Hours; 0 credit(s)