Human Rights   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ORG 7120 - Human Rights

Required for Humane Education Specialization

Examination of a range of human rights issues including escalating worldwide slavery, child and sweatshop labor, and genocide, as well as civil, GLBTQ, disability, women's, and other rights. This course also examines acts of human courage, compassion, and kindness and invites students to find in themselves and others sources of deep and abiding humaneness, both as a model of human goodness, and as examples for exploring with others the ways in which humans can solve our conflicts and stop oppressing and exploiting others. Finally, the course examines links between forms of cruelty and oppression and uncovers solutions that will benefit all people, while also benefiting the environment and other species. Course offered through Valparaiso/Institute for Human Education and available only to students in HE specialization. 3 credit(s)